work in progress

I am not sure I have ever had as much fun painting.

This is the first time I have had a painting studio—a place of my own where I feel so free to make messes, to embrace failure, to get out of the way of myself. I spent the first couple of months in the studio tied down by expectations I imposed on myself to be another kind of painter—during that struggle, I felt like I could not see, like I was looking through a lens of someone else’s making. Some wise words from my studio mate set me straight. And just like that—20/20.


Theresa Halpin
  • Apr 20 2016
I love the fact that you had a ah-hah moment and you write about it. I wouldn't throw away that experience of trying another way of painting because it helped to define your style even more. As a relatively new painter, every experience, even the uncomfortable ones are helping to refine my style.
  • Apr 22 2016
Right you are, Theresa.